Gifted Nutrition And Phil Heath At The Arnold Sports Classic 2016

by Brandon

The Arnold Classic provides the sport of bodybuilding as well as many of its competitors with the opportunity of showing gratitude to the fans in the great midwest. And the feedback that is given from the fans in Columbus, Ohio proves that the midwest is home to some of the best bodybuilding fans around the globe.

As they lined up in droves to meet some of their favorite athletes at the Expo, which included none other than 5x Olympia Phil Heath. Who was there along with Gifted Nutrition at booth 751 from Monday through Sunday. Making sure that he interacted and put a smile on the faces of all those who stood in line to meet the champ. While it might of been a huge line, “The Gift” had no problem doing so as you can tell he genuinely enjoys the chance to meet his supporters. Even managing to find time to take a quick photo with top ten projected running back and former Ohio State Buckeye Ezequiel Elliot.

Check out a recap of the 2016 Arnold Classic in the video below!

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