Girl Has The Face Of Barbie But Can Deadlift 400 Pounds

by Adam Smith

When it comes to lifting weights most girls cop-out by saying “But eewwwww I don’t wanna be all muscular and manly wahhh,” except that’s complete bullshit. Unless you’re in there chugging protein shakes and deliberately trying to look like The Rock, your body will just tone up and you won’t look as flabby. Julia Vins, however, is the one exception that your girlfriend can now use as an excuse to just flop around on a treadmill for an hour rather than join you in doing deadlifts. In fact, Julia loves deadlifts since she can do them up to 400 pounds.

According to Julia she began going to the gym when she was only 15 in order to build “strength and confidence” through weight training despite lacking any interest in sports, and just one year later she began training to become a weightlifter with a coach who’d seen potential in her. A year later, Ms Vins met a coach who saw potential in her as a weightlifter. She started training at the gym with him for three to five hours, four times per week.

Ms Vins also transformed her diet. She now eats five to six small meals per day, which consist of chicken, eggs, cheese, rice and vegetables. But she allows herself one cheat day per week. Finally in August 2014, Ms Vins entered the World Powerlifting Championships in Moscow and won the competition. She achieved three world records in the sum 440kg – these were 180kg in the squat, 105kg in bench press and 165kg in the deadlift. Even though Julia looks like The Hulk and most men being intimidated by her arms (understandably), her 29-year-old boyfriend Sergei enjoys weightlifting with her.

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