Going Vegan With Ben Gordon

by Brandon

As a professional athlete your window as a top-tier athlete is limited and can only last for so long, typically a professional athlete will be lucky to have a career that last more than ten years if that. And when you take other careers into consideration ten years is an incredibly short time for one to last. Meaning that an athlete has to monitor everything he puts into his body to ensure he can get the most out of it. Which is exactly why those who have lengthy careers are typically the one’s who are incredibly disciplined when it comes to their diets. Take NBA shooting guard Ben Gordon for instance, at 32 years of age, he continues to search for ways to help him extend his years in the league. Continuously looking for ways to keep his body from succumbing to old age, and a vegan diet is his latest venture. In the VICE Sports exclusive below, he talks about feeling lighter and living better due to the change in his lifestyle!

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