Grow Your Legs With Bradley Martyn’s Full Leg Routine

by Brandon

Is there anything worse than having a massive upper body to go along with a pair of scrawny looking chicken legs? For committed lifters there probably isn’t. Not to mention that resisting from training legs shows a lot about the character of an individual. A person who possesses an impressive lower body shows that he or she also possesses a phenomenal work ethic and a commitment to building as balanced a physique as possible. Because it is incredibly easy to just skip on leg day but someone who gets their ass under that squat rack shows that they understand while leg day might be fun it is necessary for multiple reasons. And with spring break only a few months away a lot of people better start understanding that as well because if not they will look quite foolish walking down the beach with sticks for legs. But do not worry as you still have some time to begin building those legs up and Bradley Martyn has the perfect routine for you. In the video below Bradley gives us the routine he has used to pack on size to his legs. So for those who currently have chicken legs, it would be smart to take a look at the video below and get your legs to where they need to be!

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