Guy Dresses Up As A Nerd And Begins Training People

by Brandon

In life you can’t just sit around and believe everything that you hear. Take the guy in the video below for instance, he dressed himself as a full-blown nerd, showed up to the gym and began training random people. What’s pretty shocking is the fact that these gym goers stood there and continued to listen to the idiotic advice the so called ‘personal trainer’ was giving them. I don’t think it is hard for a consistent gym goer to differentiate between a guy who is actually knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and one who has no knowledge at all. Makes you wonder if people believe every single word that comes out of their personal trainers mouth. Do yourself a favor and don’t be one of those, get on the internet and educate yourself on how you can reach your fitness goals. In the meantime take a look at the ridiculous prank in the video below!

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