Guy Easily Performs Epic Flips Over Cars!

by Brandon

There is an incredible amount of athleticism in todays sports. The athletes now a days are stronger and faster than they have ever been and at times they seem unworldly. We are all aware of the household names such as LeBron James, Adrian Peterson, Mike Trout, Phil Heath, and many others. But there are so many freak athletes out there that we would have no idea about if it wasn’t for the rise of YouTube. Capturing an exceptional athletic feat can go viral in a matter of minutes, even seconds. While I am not sure if the video below will go viral or not, one thing I do know is that it is an incredible display of true athleticism. We have all seen the videos of people pretending to jump over cars but this dude literally flips over two cars back to back. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the video below and see it for yourself!

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