Health Freaks Get Tricked Into Thinking Sugar Water Is Pressed Juice

by Brandon

Jimmy Kimmel finds it absurd that people pay eight dollars for a bottle of pressed juice that is supposed to “Reset your body”. As a result he decided to start up his own juice company called “Juce” and send a few people  to the farmers market to sample out his new products. The customers at the farmers market thought they were sampling juices made from natural organic fruits and vegetables, that wasn’t the case at all. Instead they were trying out beverages made from mixtures of fun dip, tang, and crushed skittles. It’s hilarious to think about what people will believe now a days. One guy even claimed to be a “Juice connoisseur”, pretty foolish when you consider that he couldn’t decipher the difference between tang mixed with water and natural orange juice. Take a look at the reactions to these juice samples and let us know what you think!

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