Intense Heavy Reps Chest Routine

by Brandon

When it comes to chest, the exercise that is quickly associated with it is the bench press and every guy wants to show off how much they can bench. One of the first questions people ask when they see you putting on weight is “how much do you bench?” What these individuals fail to realize is that your chest isn’t going to grow by just throwing up some ridiculous weight. Those who are focused on pushing as much as possible probably don’t even feel the chest working throughout their sets. And it is all because their focus is on how much weight they are lifting as appose to good form and good repetition performance. Not to mention that only performing a flat, incline, and decline press  every chest day isn’t going to allow you to obtain the gains you’ve been after. It might be time for you to reel back the weight just a tad bit, switch up your routine and focus on getting some more volume in. In the video below, Elliott Hulse provides the perfect workout that will allow you to still go heavy while also getting a good amount of volume in. Not to mention that it will shock the crap out of your chest as I am sure it isn’t accustomed to this type of routine. It might feel like hell as you are going through it but your chest will feel great once it’s all over with. Take a look at the crazy intense routine below and give it a try!

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