Here’s Every One Of ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson’s Vicious Knockouts

by Adam Smith

As part of a Martin Scorsese biopic about the life of Mike Tyson (starring Jamie Foxx), Iron Mike released this compilation of every single career K.O. he had, and he’s asking fans to choose the top 10 to be featured in the Scorsese biopic. Side note: every day I get out of bed is a day I count myself fortunate that I never had to experience a punch from Mike Tyson.

Just how excited for this biopic should you be? Well, Jamie Foxx told EW/Breakfast Club on Power 105: “This will be the first boxing movie that Martin Scorsese has done since Raging Bull.” Sooooo I think it’s safe to say this film is going to be incredible. Why do most men have such an obsession with Tyson punching things? Well, why ask why? That’s what I say to that.

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