High-School Junior Leah Church Hits 120 3-Pointers In 5 Minutes!

by Brandon

North Carolina High-School junior Leah Church went into the gym with the hops of setting a world record. In order to make it happen she would have to sink a total of 136 3-pointers in just 5 minutes. To do so she would have to shoot an insane percentage that many might say is impossible to do. However Leah would have none of it and stepped into the gym last week to give the world record everything she got. And while she might have come up short of her goal, you can’t deny the fact that her shooting display is nonetheless incredibly impressive. She had a few misses throughout her attempt but it’s quite apparent that she can shoot lights out. If she continues trying I am pretty sure she will have no problem in setting a new world record for 3-pointers made. Check out Leah’s magnificent shooting display in the video below!

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