Highlights From NFL Wild Card Weekend

by Brandon

The 2015 NFL Wild Card weekend ended up being as unpredictable as they come, as all four home teams fell on Saturday and Sunday. January is the month of survival in the NFL and survive is exactly what the Seattle Seahawks did. As they got all they could handle from not only the smash mouth style of the Minnesota Vikings but also the harsh weather conditions. Pete Carroll said it best, “This was really a survival game for both teams..”

The same could be said for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were able to escape Cincinnati with a victory that could be a attributed to a great game from their defense and late game blunders from the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Green Bay Packers limped into the playoffs and were being doubted by many around the league but Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the gang rediscovered their confidence Sunday with their first 35-point performance since September.

The red hot, Kansas City Chiefs continued rolling and might even be putting fear into the New England Patriots after their 30-0 demolition of the Houston Texans.

With all that went on this past weekend it makes for a highly intriguing NFL Divisional round. In case you missed the games from Wild Card weekend, take a look at the video below to see how it all played out!


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