Hot Dog Eating Champion Kobayashi Learns How To Survive Inside Of The Ring

by Brandon

Kobayashi is the most renown professional eater in the world due to his domination of the sport and his numerous world records. But just how athletic is the professional eating phenom?

In an attempt to find out, VICE Sports paired up Kobayashi with energetic and colorful Brooklyn boxing instructor, Eric Kelly. But this unlikely pair got along way more smoothly than you might have anticipated. Which had a lot to do with the two cementing their unlikely bond last summer when Kobayashi taught Eric how to eat hot dogs like a professional. Well now it was time to find out how well “Kobi” would fair inside of the ring, as Eric attempts to show him a thing or two about boxing. Take a look at the video below to see how Kobayashi survived a boxing class with Eric Kelly!

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