Hilarious Hot Girl Distraction Prank!

by Brandon

As all guys are well aware of, it is insanely easy to get distracted by a beautiful girl. No matter how much you want you want to deny it, it is the truth. You can be in the library studying for a huge exam but the minute an attractive girl walks in for some reason your test has gravitated to the back of your mind. And suddenly you’re focus shifts to the lovely female you are laying eyes on. It’s human nature we just can’t help ourselves sometimes. With this in mind master pranker, Josh Paler Lin set up a prank using a extremely hot girl to distract random guys away from what they are supposed to be doing. And that is watching over his belongings as he steps away from them briefly. It doesn’t matter if the individuals were watching over his phone, laptop, and even Lamborghini, they just couldn’t keep their eyes off the girl. Sound like something you have trouble with? Then you will enjoy a good laugh at the video below, however the lesson learned is never trust a dude to watch over your valuables!

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