How Bradley Martyn Has Gone About Improving His Back Development

by Brandon

It is human nature to favor doing what comes or feels comfortable to you but there is a reason why certain things come easily to you – these are your strengths. And even though you should always continue refining your strengths, it is key that you focus on your weaknesses to help you become better rounded. This applies to both life and bodybuilding. All ignoring your weaknesses will do is prevent you from living up to your full potential and what is the point in that?

When it comes to bodybuilding and weight lifting, we have all been born with varying genetics, which is why we all possess different strengths and weaknesses. Which is why a workout routine won’t give every individual who follows it the same exact results. Making it highly important to identify your weaknesses and develop a routine that focuses on bringing them along while maintaining your strong points. Because it doesn’t matter who or how big you are, we all have weaknesses. This even includes the beastly Bradley Martyn who believes his back is lagging behind the rest of his physique and just put out a video on how he has gone about improving his back development. If your back happens to be a part of your body that needs improvement I highly suggest you take a look at the video below to assist you with your back development!

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