How Jack Allen Uses His ‘Undersized’ Label To Motivate Himself Toward The NFL

by Brandon

While in the moment it might seem like you are at a huge disadvantage, being the underdog in life can end up paying off in the long-run. Being the underdog develops a relentless work ethic and level of perseverance that wouldn’t have been obtained if the roles were somehow reversed. One athlete who lives by this is former Michigan State center Jack Allen who used the doubt that is thrown his way to fuel himself through workouts leading up to the NFL combine. He might not be able to do anything about the fact that he is undersized for his position but what he can control is how hard he works and how much he improves his overall game. Which is exactly what he focused on while refining his physique and technique out in Orange County, California at the Provocative Sports Performance training facilities. And it might in fact be that determination and dedication that allows Jack to hear his name being called out on draft day.

Take a look at how Jack uses his ‘undersized’ label motivate himself in the video below!

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