How Long Should You Rest During Workouts?

by Brandon

One of the most frequently asked questions about training revolves around how long one should rest in between sets. Which is a very good question as most guys tend to spend far too much of their time at the gym chatting and horsing around, which leads to a much longer workout.

In order to stay focused on the task at hand and get in a time efficient workout, you should time the breaks you take. Whether it is through the use of a stopwatch or by simply counting down in your head. How long should these breaks last? Well the answer to that question is dependent on a few variables. Such as your fitness goals, your current level of conditioning, and the style of training you are partaking in. Perfect example being that a heavy lifting session may require longer rest periods than a workout designed to focus on putting on size.

To help you determine the amount of time you should be taking to rest in between sets and exercises, the guys over at BuffDudes have put together a detailed explanation in the video below!

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