How To Be Alpha All The Time Broken Down By Bro Science Life

by Adam Smith


It’s been a few weeks since our dear old friend Dom Mazzetti has released a new video. That may be why he  dropped this 12-minute masterpiece on how to be ALPHA all the time. Most of the tips are just to flex in every single activity you do, including one hot tip to disable the power-steering in your car.


“You’ve already got power steering. It’s sitting behind the wheel. It’s you.” That’s just good, sound advice. There isn’t a scoop of protein powder that’s safe around you.


You know that shirtsleeves are for quitters, and the only credentials you need to give (unwanted) workout advice are your rock-hard bis and tris. You’re an alpha bro, a Broseidon, a Hulk Brogan and you’re more than capable of flashing your fitness around the clock and outside of the gym. Here Bro Science breaks down some ways you can dominate 24/7

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