How To Build A Big Chest With Justin St. Paul And The Harrison Twins

by Brandon

The sport of bodybuilding has grown tremendously in recent years, perfect example being the growing popularity of the sport in the UK. While it might not be as big in the UK as it is in the States, it is definitely not far behind. Ryan Terry has helped a lot in growing the sport in the UK, but Justin St. Paul and the Harrison Twins are ready to make their own mark on the industry and won’t stop until they do. They have a vision in mind and won’t stop until that vision is turned into reality. To give us a glimpse into how hard they consistently push themselves; these three beasts of the weight room let us in on a killer chest training session. Guiding us through an 8 exercise all out war against their chest. Give this chest routine a try and you will surely leave the gym with a massive pump!

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