How To Build A Wide Set Of Shoulders

by Brandon

The purpose of training shoulders is to build a nice pair of chiseled and wide set of shoulders but a lot of guys struggle with putting muscle on their shoulders. Some even injur their shoulders in an effort to put on size. But those frustrations most likely have to do with the way you’re training as well as the exercises you are going through when you train. Looking to help out all those who have a hard time building up their shoulders, Elliott Hulse gives us his expert opinion on the topic. Stressing that building up your upper-back, rhomboids, and rear delts are key toward building a wider physique because it pulls your shoulder back and opens up your chest, not to mention that it will drastically improve your posture. Elliott Hulse knows a thing or two about gains so it would be wise to give what he has to say a try. Check out Elliott share his expertise for those in need of a wide pair of shoulders in the video below!

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