How To Collect Yourself And Push Through An Intense Workout

by Brandon

No matter how much you enjoy hitting the gym and improving upon your physique there always comes a time in your workout where you hit a wall. The funny thing about that wall is that it is usually more mental than physical. And it typically comes during the middle of your workout, when you’ve already got through half of it but still have half of your routine left. What do you do at this point? Call it a day or grind through it and show yourself what you are really made out of? Of course you push through it why wouldn’t you? The challenging part comes in how do you collect yourself and re-focus. Each and every individual has a different philosophy when it comes to motivating themselves and getting the juices flowing. Some prefer to crank up the music, while others prefer silence and positive self-talk. There are various ways to go about re-focusing, it is all about finding the ways that best suit your personality. The barbell brigade recently got together to discuss the ways in which they go about collecting themselves to push through a crazy workout in the video below. Check it out and let us know if you agree with what they had to say and if not what way do you prefer to go about collecting yourself with you hit that mental wall!

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