How To Effectively Meal Prep With Dom Mazzetti

by Brandon

How much time do you put into making and planning your meals every day? If you are a serious and dedicated lifter, then I am sure that it is a big part of your daily routine because you understand how important what you put in your body is for those gains. Which is why you sacrificed your days of eating delicious foods that quite frankly do your body no good. It is also why you eat more frequently than the average human being. And while most might look at you as if you are crazy, you are fine with that as you know it is necessary and some people just won’t fathom your grind.

If you are new to the game and are trying to get your physique on point you might not be aware of the importance that meal prepping plays in your physical development. But don’t sweat it because the notorious Dom Mazzetti is here to educate you on how to effectively prep your meals. And if there is one dude who understands all that goes into achieving the physique of your dreams it is in fact Dom. So stop ignoring what you are putting into your body and learn a thing or two by checking out the video below!

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