How To Fit In The NBA

by Brandon

The National Basketball Association is composed of various different cultures, personalities, and ethnicity’s which can make it hard for players to fit in at first, especially for foreign players. Extremely popular Charlotte Hornets new point guard Jeremy Lin had some difficulty fitting in to the whole NBA scene at first but now a seasoned veteran, Jeremy knows what it takes to smoothly fit in locker rooms and the league as a whole. And in order to do just that a player must be able to cover the essentials: Communication, greetings, sacrifice, fashion, dancing and music. It isn’t an easy task but with Jeremy’s new tutorial and help from former teammates no player should ever wonder what he must do to fit into the NBA. Want to know what it takes to effortlessly transition into the NBA culture? Take a look at the entertaining video below in which we see Jeremy Lin’s full personality on display and you’ll never wonder again!

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