How To Get The Most Out Of The Leg Press

by Brandon

To achieve optimal leg development, you must have a a leg routine consisting of various different exercises, including the squat and leg press. While they both work the same muscle, the emphasis of each is slightly different. The leg press reduces the evolvement of the hamstrings and glutes, therefore placing most of the load on the quads. Placing more of the emphasis on the quads allows you to really target them by over-loading them with a good amount of weight. While the squat might be one of the best exercises because of the multitude of benefits it can provide, the squat doesn’t allow you to target the quads like the leg press does. Making the leg press one of the go to exercises if you are looking to really blast your quads. Take a look at Bradley Martyn demonstrating how to get the most out of the leg press in the video below!

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