How To Go About Performing The Perfect Squat

by Brandon

It is no secret that the squat is one of the best exercises one can incorporate into their training routine for numerous reasons. Some of the benefits of squatting are muscle growth, improved joint support, balance, and a stronger core. But all these benefits can only be obtained through performing the squat with the proper form – on the contrary, if you perform the squat with improper form it will only be a matter of time before you start experiencing injuries. Ranging from lower back pain to knee pains and everything in between. Making it essential that you learn the proper technique before you run up to the squat rack and throw on a bunch of weight. Fitness cover model and experienced weight-lifter Rob Riches is aware of this and for that reason put together a video to help all those inexperienced lifters perform the perfect squat. Take a look at the video below and be sure to listen to his advice as it will only help you in preventing potential injuries!

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