How To Increase Your Grip Strength With Elite Powerlifter Joe Spracklen

by Brandon

A strong grip serves a bigger purpose than just opening extremely tightened jars. All powerlifters are well aware that they would never have been able to lift a bar off the ground without a clamp-like grip. The same goes for Strongmen competitors who know that in certain events their success is dependent upon their grip strength. While MMA fighters, Wrestlers, and grapplers all need a strong grip if they hope to maintain control over their opponents. With that being said strong grip strength can also have a direct impact on many of the lifts you perform on a weekly basis, as a strong grip can provide more stability and support throughout your lift.

With the importance it plays in various activities you might be asking how can you improve your grip strength? And to answer that question I say, check out the video below to listen to how elite powerlifter Joe Spracklen maintains his grip strength!

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