How To Perform The Reverse Grip Yates Row

by Brandon

Each and every muscle is composed of thousands of muscle fibers, but they don’t all  collaborate simultaneously to contract the entire muscle being worked. Making it highly important that you use a variety of different angles, grips and bars to help you hit all the muscle fibers within a muscle to maximize muscle growth.  One of the simplest changes you can make is altering your grip on the barbell row by flipping it 180 degrees. Making this alteration to your grip on the barbell row will place more of an emphasis on your lower-lat fibers. Using a underhand grip causes the elbows to travel closer to the sides of your torso – therefore incorporating more of the muscle fibers in the lower part of the lats. This grip will also enable your elbows to travel further backwards, allowing for an increase of motion at the point of peak contraction. Even though the wide-grip pulldown and barbell row targets the upper and outer lat muscle fibers that are critical for back width more effectively, using a reverse grip on these exercises adds lat thickness and lower-lat width. Exactly why you should be using the underhand Yates row to build a well proportioned, massive back.

Take a look at how to properly perform the Yates row in the video below!

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