How To Properly Introduce A Beginner To The Gym

by Brandon

For a consistent gym goer one of the most difficult and frustrating things to do is introducing a beginner to the gym. Once others begin to see you achieving gains on gains on gains they are going to line-up to train with you. But if you aren’t aware of the most effective way to go about introducing an individual to the gym it can become quite a headache. Those who are new to the gym life won’t know what attire to wear to the gym, how much weight they can lift, and how to perform every exercise. They will be looking for you to guide them through every step of the way on their road to getting jacked.

The incredibly amusing Dom Mazzetti understands all the difficulties that come along with taking a gym rookie under your wing and for that reason has provided us with a game plan for properly introducing them to the gym. Covering everything from helping them with how to dress, how to decide what weight is right for them, and making sure they learn how to properly execute the entire training routine. It will be an arduous challenge but with a little patience and Dom Mazzetti’s guide you should have no problem turning a newbie into an experienced veteran. Check out Dom’s full guide in the video below!

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