How To Properly Perform The Good Morning

by Brandon

The good morning is a highly beneficial compound movement that incorporates a number of muscle groups in numerous ways but is a movement that is neglected by most lifters. But if your goals are to add strength or developing a more aesthetically pleasing physique, then the good morning is a lift that you need to be doing. Any individual looking for serious back, glute, and hamstring development should have the good morning as a staple in their training routine. The good morning forces your core your core and back to contract isometrically in order to maintain a good arched position with your chest up. Which is the same position you want to be in while cleaning. snatching, or squatting. Making it helpful in assisting you in adding strength and size, exactly why it shouldn’t be a exercise that is consistently ignored. Take a look at Mike James of the Barbell Brigade YouTube channel breaking down the form for the good morning in the video below!

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