How To Properly Use A Kettlebell

by Brandon

The kettlebell is a piece of gym equipment that is regularly used by a number of people world wide but are they as effective as we all believe they are? Well that is all dependent upon whose opinion you are taking into consideration. But if there is one specific individual who knows his way around the gym and its equipment it is definitely the one and only Dom Mazzetti. And his opinion on them is pretty straight forward “It’s not just about what kettle bells are, it’s about what they’re used for. Goofy ass, functional exercises.” As you would guess, Dom prefers a nice pair of dumbbells instead but still gives us a few instances when you should use a kettle bell and how you should be using it. It is not easy being as big and fit as Dom but after taking a look at the video below you will have a much better understanding as to how it is all possible. After taking a look at the video below you will know everything that there is possibly to know about a kettlebell!

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