How To Shoot An NBA Jump Shot With Khris Middleton

by Brandon

Milwaukee Bucks forward Kris Middleton was an unheralded prospect when he entered the NBA Draft out of Texas A&M but within three years he has managed to make himself a household name and one of the premier shooting guards in the NBA. Providing a great example of how quickly your life can change when you buckle down and handle your business. For Khris that meant getting into the gym early and staying in the gym late to improve his jump shot. Understanding that it was the only way he would be able to start getting consistent minutes on the court. He was tired of being overlooked and decided to act upon that frustration by working his way into the starting lineup and earning himself a nice contract this past off-season.

VICE Sports caught up with the Bucks’ forward in their latest “How To” video to take us through some of the drills and share some tips on what you can do to become a sniper in your own right.

Check out the video below to get a look at the some of the drills Khris Middleton used to refine his shooting skills!

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