How To Squat Like A Pro With Mike Bell

by Brandon

Proper technique is essential for beginners and experienced lifters alike. When it comes to lifting weights, especially when you are lifting heavy your form can never be ‘too’ perfect. Beginners to weight lifting must learn how to properly execute lifts prior to attempting in order to prevent potential injuries. And those who are experienced with lifting can also improve their form or maybe even learn a thing or two by refreshing their memory from time to time.

To help lifters of all levels, Furious Pete collaborated with master squatter Mike Bell to give us some insight on what it takes to squat like a pro. Breaking down the form that has allowed Mike to squat over 1,000 lbs. And while your goals probably don’t include squatting over 1,000 lbs, using the technique displayed will allow you to safely lift to your maximum capacity. Take a look at Mike Bell educating us on the technique required to squat like a pro in the video below!

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