How To Strict Overhead Press

by Brandon

When working out at the gym you typically believe you are performing each exercise with flawless technique but that may not always be the case. Some exercises demand more of an attention to detail when exciting and therefore may require you to become familiar or comfortable with the movement before jumping right into it. Many of these exercise demand this focus on technique because failure in doing so can result in minor and major injuries.

One movement that involves technical precision is the overhead press and even more so the strict overhead press. If performed properly, the strict overhead press can be a key factor in contributing to size and strength gains, improved flexibility in the shoulder and wrist joints and can help improve your posture. The overhead press is a compound movement that can be very beneficial both physically as well as mentally. Which is why it is a great movement to help you break through those frustrating plate phases but as previously stated, get the form down pat before attempting.

For a breakdown of the proper form for the strict overhead press check out the video below!

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