How To Train Forgotten Muscles: Traps and Abs

by Brandon

There are a few select muscle groups that we genuinely enjoy to train which depending on who who ask are generally the arms, chest and back. Which in large part has to do with the fact that they are the most visible body parts. Resulting in most of our time at the gym being used to cater to the development of these highly visible muscle groups and a disregard for the smaller yet important muscles of the body. Such as the traps and abs, because I mean who really wants to spend time focusing on developing muscles that can’t be seen when covered with clothing? The individuals who are committed to obtaining a powerfully, symmetrical physique, that’s who. But while you might want to give these muscles the attention they rightfully deserve, you might be unaware of how to properly train them. Well lucky for us all, the comical Dom Mazzetti is back to advise us on why and how we should be training our traps and abs. Providing us all with a video we desperately needed.

Take a look at Dom’s hilarious video below!

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