How To Train The Forgotten Muscles: Forearms And Calves

by Brandon

Have you ever sat back and wondered what actually separates the serious bodybuilders from the rest of the pack? It is in fact their incredible attention to detail. They don’t solely focus on the show muscles and forget about the often forgotten body parts – forearms and calves.

Many claim they neglect these muscles because they believe that training the large muscle groups such as the chest, back, and quads, the smaller surrounding muscles will get worked as well. And it is this exact type of thinking that robs individuals from attaining a pleasing, well-balanced physique. At first glance you will probably look good in shorts and a t-shirt but a closer look will expose your toothpick forearms and deflated looking calves.

Avoid getting embarrassed for having under developed forearms and calves by taking a look at the video below!

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