How To Use Cheat Curls As A Tool To Getting Big Arms

by Brandon

Cheat sets are frowned upon by many individuals, especially the hardcore, committed lifters but the funny part is that their reasoning might not be justified. They mostly believe that performing a cheat set does nothing to help you achieve those gains. When they can actually be highly beneficial. That is the problem with people today, they are quick to shut down ideas just because they don’t believe them to be effective. Instead of doing their research and then coming to a logical conclusion. Bradley Martyn is one who believes in the cheat curl and actually has facts behind his thought process. Explaining that “…in the eccentric portion of the lift which is the lowering phase.. you tear the most muscle fiber” Meaning that you can actually build the most muscle on this part of the lift because of the fact you can control more weight on the way down. So don’t be scared of performing some cheat curls next time you are in the gym and use them as a tool on your way to building big arms!

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