How To Z Press With Mike James

by Brandon

We all want to achieve those gains we haven’t had but for some reason believe they will come from repeating the same routine over and over again. However, if you truly want to see some improvement in your physique you must be willing to try new movements. Such as the Z press; What separates a Z press from a standing press is that the standing press allows you to stabilize your trunk by using your legs, whereas, the Z press is performed while sitting flat on the floor. To effectively perform this movement a whole lot of trunk strength, hip mobility, and hamstring mobility is required. Because of the fact that you will have absolutely nothing to lean back against as well as no way to use momentum to drive the weight up. Don’t for a second think you are going to be able to Z press 225 lbs from the start. But if you stick with it and continue to get better every week you will reap the benefits of this awesome exercise. As with any other exercise it is key to get the proper form down pact before jumping right into it. So before you attempt the Z press take a look at Mike James breaking it down in the video below!

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