I Cannot Believe He Made This Basketball Shot To Beat The Buzzer!! Amazing!

by Adam Smith


With only 0.2 seconds left on the shot clock Friday night in a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker executed a tap shot involving an over-the-head slap from a distance of about 12 feet with his back to the basket to beat the clock. The shot is being described as the “craziest circus shot of the year.”


Booker moves rightward in to a low post position with his back to the basket with Russell Westbrook breathing down his neck. Thunder defenders position and prepare to block a direct shot from Hayward, but instead of going for a shot, he passes the ball with a bounce to Booker, now positioned facing him on the right sideline with his back to the basket. Without catching the ball or pausing to look back over his shoulder to gauge the distance to the basket, Booker bends his knees and taps and slaps the ball between both hands, backwards over his head.


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