IFBB Men’s Physique Pro Arash Rahbar Back Workout – 9 Days Out From The Pittsburgh Pro

by Brandon

Arash Rahbar became an IFBB mens physique pro at the 2014 Pittsburgh North Americans and will be in Pittsburgh in nine days to make his pro debut. NPC News Online shot some of Arash’s back workout and gives us a look at how he is prepping his body for his pro debut. Arash states that he likes to keep his off-season and pre contest routine very similar, keeping the weight as heavy as possible. “…What got me the muscle and what got me to where I am now will keep me up into thee show, I don’t believe in dropping weights especially when I’m hitting my back…” Most competitors lighten the weight once their calorie intake drops but not Arash. He firmly believes that what got him there will get his body as ready as possible!

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