IFBB Pro Arash Rahbar On How To Eat Leading Up To A Competition

by Brandon

Consistently eating the right foods plays a huge role in gaining lean body mass or shedding stubborn fat. The truth is that while at the gym you are stimulating body composition change and outside of the gym is when the change actually takes place: through proper nutrition and adequate rest. Getting motivated to exercise is generally a lot easier than being disciplined with a diet outside of the gym for many individuals. While at the gym you are naturally focused on getting in a great lift because essential that is why you are there. But outside of the gym you have many different variables (work, school, family, etc.) that can make it difficult to get in good, solid, nutritious meals.

Nutrition plays a tremendous role in determining how successful one will or will not be in the sport of bodybuilding. IFBB Pro Arash Rahbar understands the importance in plays in his own career and follows a strict diet plan to ensure he hits the stage in the best shape possible. Arash recently shared some of the nutrition tips that he follows leading up to competition time in the video below!

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