IFBB Pro Brett Kahn’s 2016 Arnold Prep

by Brandon

Preparing for a bodybuilding competition requires an absurd amount of physical and more importantly mental discipline. Its not just about dieting or lifting weights but rather a collection of many different components. And unless you have actually competed before you probably don’t have a good idea of all that goes into a competition prep. To give us some insight of what a prep actually entails IFBB Pro Brett Kahn gives us a behind the scenes look into his 2016 Arnold Classic prep. Showing us how he manages to balance his business and life all while getting ready for an important competition. In this episode of his prep series Brett is four weeks out from the Arnold, looking to end his prep with a bang.

Check out the video below to see IFBB Pro Brett Kahn discuss his pre and post workout nutrition and take us through a chest workout which incorporates a few unique movements!

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