IFBB Pro Russell Waheed: How To Put On Size And Keep Aesthetics

by Brandon

With the New Year kicking off, many of us are eager to get after our fitness goals for 2016 but might be wondering the best way to go about achieving those gains. Especially those looking to put on size, while maintaining their aesthetics. Which can be a huge mystery for inexperienced lifters. Putting on size or leaning out might not be a problem for them but putting on size while keeping their aesthetics is when it becomes slightly trickier. And who better to get advice from than an individual who does this for a living? IFBB pro Russell Waheed is the perfect man for the job and took the time after a training session to give us the tips he uses to ensure he keeps a good amount of size while staying shredded. Listen to Russell’s advice in the video below and see how it can help you on your road to achieving those gains in the New Year!

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