IFBB Pro’s Arash Rahbar And Russel Waheed Training Chest At The ‘East Coast Mecca’

by Brandon

When it comes to training chest all guys have a hard time putting their ego aside and focusing on being as efficient as possible with their movements. Instead many prefer to load up a bunch of weight onto the barbell, and throw it up a few times while yelling so everyone in the gym becomes aware of the amount of weight they are lifting. But pros such as Arash Rahbar and Russel Waheed are experienced lifters who understand that is not the way to do things and instead favor a slow, controlled tempo of training.  Paying special attention to the downward movement or the ‘negative’ part of the movement is what is required to build a great chest. By slowing down the tempo you ensure that the lifting is done with your pectorals as appose to the weight being hoisted up and down using momentum. While moving a shitload of weight might be a great way to boost your ego, it doesn’t do much for building a great chest. In fact you will be putting yourself at greater risk of injury by doing so and therefore hinder your progress. So stop lifting for attention and start lifting for results. Take a look at IFPP Pro’s Arash Rahbar and Russel Waheed training chest the famous ‘East Coast Mecca’ in the video below!

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