Improve your 40-Yard Dash Time With Michael Johnson’s Start Stance Technique

by Brandon

No one event is more important for a football player than the 40-yard dash. Which is why aspiring football players begin training to cut down tenths of s second off their 40-yard dash from a very young age. And for good reason. College Football and NFL scouts use 40 times as a way to evaluate a players speed but why all is all the attention being paid to one aspect of a football players full package? Simply put speed cannot be taught. Having a great 40 time can go a long way in improving the stock of a player come draft time, while a bad 40 time can be the result of another player plummeting down draft boards. Even though one can argue that a great 40 time does not make an individual a good football player, without a grasp of the game all that speed will go to waste. However, it is looked upon as a big part of a players talent evaluation so if your dreams are to be catching touchdowns for a living you better work on it.

Former Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson understands the integral role it plays in the sport and teamed up with STACK to provide young athletes with the basics necessary to have an impressive 40 time. The slightest adjustments you make by using his start stand technique will help you shed off those tenths that make a significant difference  in how fast you run those 40 yards. With complex movements such as the 40-yard dash, it is the smallest and tiniest of details that make the biggest difference. Check out Michael Johnson’s detailed breakdown of his starting technique in the video below!

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