Incredible 60 Year-Old Man Training

by Brandon

We often times make numerous excuses as to why we can not turn our lives around in an effort to make ourselves feel better about our current situation. But those excuses are just things you make up in your mind to justify your laziness. Im sure you have heard all the excuses said before as to why people say they can’t begin to take their health serious – “I never have enough time”, “I can’t afford a gym membership”, and even the ultimate excuse “I’m too old to begin to workout.” While all those excuses are 100% bull crap because if you truly want to change the quality of your life you will somehow find a way, there is one excuse in particular that is unacceptable. And that is the “I’m too old” excuse. That is because your age is just a number and in no way should it limit what you can do in life. A prime example is Wayne Quong who is a 60 year-old from Vancouver, Canada who spent decades living a life of nothing else but inactivity but made a decision 4 years ago to begin taking his health seriously. Realizing that there is no point in not living life to its full capacity and took up calisthenics to help him get into shape. Showing us all that being physically fit might just be the fountain of youth. Which begs the question , if this 60 year old can push himself past his limitations on a daily basis then why aren’t you? Check out the video below to get a glimpse into the life of Wayne Quong!

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