Insane Incline Bench Compilation Feat Leroy Walker

by Brandon

There is something inside all of us men that pushes us to get our bench press weight as high as we possibly can. No matter what gym you belong to you will always see numerous guys load up the bench bar and do everything in their power to get that weight up. Whether it consist of grunting, screaming, cheating, or even a spotter it doesn’t matter. The main goal is to be able to lift that weight up and get in at least one rep but how heavy do you really lift? When you take into consideration how much weight beasts such as Leroy Walker can bench it might hurt your ego just a tad bit and it’ll make wonder how the hell can you get to that point. And to be completely honest you might never ever get to that point in your lifetime but there is no shame in that. I mean how many humans on this earth can actually incline bench press 600+ lbs? Not as many as you think. Check out the video below to get a look at Leroy and his pals throw around some crazy ass weight!

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