Inside Access: 2016 NBA Dunk Competition

by Brandon

The NBA dunk competition once one of the main attractions from All-Star weekend has taken a lot of heat in recent years for its lack of star power and creativity. But last year, Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Zach Lavine infused some excitement into the dunk competition by putting on a show under the bright Madison Square Garden lights. Leaving everyone anticipating what he would bring to the table this year. However, nobody could have predicted the level of athleticism that was displayed on Saturday night.

As defending champion Zach Lavine went at it dunk for dunk with Orlando Magic Forward Aaron Gordon. Exceeding our expectations and presenting us with a creativity level never seen before – and revitalized the competition in the process. In case you missed it we have an inside look at the 2016 NBA dunk competition in the video below!

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