Inside Access: Golden State Warriors Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

by Brandon

Last night we saw the best of the western conference take on the best that the eastern conference had to offer as the the Golden State Warriors visited the Cleveland Cavaliers. And everyone expected the Cavaliers to come out strong  behind their leader LeBron James but Stephen Curry and the Warriors had other plans. Coming out the gate with a sense of urgency and essentially end the game by the end of the first quarter. Golden State began the game on a mission to send a message to the Cavaliers, as well as the rest of the league of just how good they are when they play their best basketball. Lead by Stephen Curry and his 35 points on 7/12 shooting from beyond the arc.

After the obliteration which took place last night at Quicken Loans Arena, it makes you wonder if the Cleveland Cavaliers pose any threat to the Warriors? Well regardless of what anyone thinks the Cavs can find comfort in the fact that the Warriors are in the western conference and can’t prevent them from getting to the NBA Finals.

Take a look at an inside look of the Warriors huge against Cleveland in the video below!

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