Instantly Improve Your Bench Press With These 3 Simple Tips

by Brandon

The bench press is a staple of almost every guys chest routine, regardless if they are a bodybuilder, powerlifter, athlete or your average, dedicated weekend warrior. Precisely why it is a lift that almost every weightlifter loves and knows how to perform. Or at least they believe they know how to properly execute it.

Despite what many believe, the bench press consist of more than just throwing some weight on the barbell, jumping under the bar, and praying to god that you possess the strength to lift the bar off the rack. There is nothing quite as deflating as a failed bench press attempt. And whether you admit it or not – we have all been there before. Hopefully that failed attempt has inspired you to do some research on how to correct your form and improve your bench press technique.

If you have recently gone through an embarrassing bench press attempt, or if you are just looking to improve upon your ability to bench press, the 3 tips below will be a huge help!

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