Isolation or Compound Exercises – Which Should You Be Doing And Why?

by Brandon

One of the most generally asked questions from those who weight train on a regular-basis is ‘if they should be doing isolation or compound exercises?’ And just like it goes for most things in this world, there are individuals who preach and practice both sides. There are those who stand behind the fact that isolated movements allow you to focus in on and develop specific parts of your body and then there are the people who state that compound movements provide better all-around body strength. Leaving you confused as to which style of training is more beneficial for your gains. But to be quite honest they are both effective methods of training and provide benefits it just depends on what your individual fitness goals are. There is no right or wrong between the two and a combination or mix of isolation and compound exercises might be the way to go.

The Buff Dudes were just asked this question by a fan and took the time to give their two cents on the topic in the video below!

Enjoy the video and be sure to