Izu Ugonoh Knocks Out Will Quarrie With Brutal Workout

by Brandon

The sport of boxing has lost the interest of a lot of fans due to the change in boxing styles. Fighters like Floyd Mayweather bring a more defensive and one can say smarter style to the ring but that isn’t what people like to pay money to see. Fans of the great sport want to see two warriors get inside the ring and go blow for blow with one another, as appose to running around the ring. But the reason why certain guys stick to the defensive approach is because of knockouts like the one below. In this sport one miscues doesn’t lead to a missed shot, or an interception, it can lead to yeah getting brutally knockout cold. Which is exactly what happened to Will Quarrie. Izu Ugonoh hit Quarrie with a solid right hand that ended his night earlier than he expected. Take a look at the brutal knockout in the video below!

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